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The Pian di Spagna and Lake Mezzola Nature Reserve was established by Regione Lombardia in 1983 due to directives contained in the Ramsar Convention (IRAN, 1971). Their aims are to ensure a suitable environment for migratory birds to rest and nest, to  protect and maintain the natural characteristics and the landscape of the area classified as wetland, to regulate use of the area for educational and recreational purposes, and to improve socio-economic activities in the area in accordance with environmental protection requirements. The area comprising the Pian di Spagna and Lake Mezzola Nature Reserve has been recognized as a Site of Community Importance (SIC) and is part of the EU ecological network ‘Natura 2000’, which represents a complex of places characterized by the presence of both animal and plant habitats and species of Community interest. The safe-guarding of the site ensures long-term survival of biodiversity in Europe.

The Pian di Spagna

 The Pian di Spagna is situated in the northernmost part of Lombardy where the Valtellina and Valchiavenna valleys converge, between Lake Mezzola and the northernmost part of Lake Como, and consists of a small plain stretching over an area of just under 1600 hectares. The area is completely flat and is set approximately 200 metres above sea level. It lies between the provinces of Sondrio and Como and consists of five municipalities: Sorico and Gera Lario (Como), Dubino, Verceia and Novate Mezzola (Sondrio). Furthermore, three groups of mountains of differing characteristics originate precisely from the area of the Pian di Spagna: to the north west lie the Lepontine Alps comprising the rocky slope of Mount Berlinghera (1930 m above sea level) that seems to descend into Lake Mezzola; to the north east lie the Retic Alps with their granite peaks that surround the Valle dei Ratti and the Val Codera, and comprise the chiseled rocky spur of Sasso Manduino (2888 m); and to the south lie the Orobie Alps, with the scenic northern slope of Mount Legnone (2609 m), to complete the horizon.


Reserve activities for schools

The Reserve offers custom itineraries, guided visits and recreational and educational activities at its facility and educational centres for schoolchildren of all ages.


Our Itineraries

The Reserve offers several interesting itineraries focussed on earth and water, history, culture, art and landscape, and flora and fauna. Download the information sheets and plan a day out in the colourful countryside! The itineraries are simple and suitable for everyone, from families and sport enthusiasts to young people and children.

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Immersed in Nature

The natural environment of the Pian di Spagna Reserve provides visitors with truly interesting surprises all year round.

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Between the Valtellina and Lake Como

Not only its beauty, but also its historical and architectural heritage make it a unique setting that has been left untouched. The area is rich in ancient traditions to discover together, accompanied by the nature’s rhythms and voices.

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